What I'm Doing About CoVid-19

I’m sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve added any new content, but I’d taken time away to focus more on my customers, updating manufacturer certifications, and learning more about the ever changing technologies that are taking place in the automotive world.

Recently, we were hit with a global pandemic the likes of which nobody alive now has ever seen in their lifetime. Coronavirus, aka CoVid-19 has swept the nation and the rest of the world so the dealership and I are taking all necessary safeguards while this threat exists.

I’m doing everything I can to handle customer requests remotely by phone, text, and email for both sales and service. For the sales side, I will make every effort possible to keep your fears and concerns to a minimum through remote video chat via FaceTime or personal videos direct to you. This convenience protects you from coming to the dealership where others will be around and keeps you away from any exposure to anything that might be present.

I’m utilizing disinfectants and sanitizing wipes to ensure that any surfaces that you or I may come in contact with have been safeguarded as well.

With all these measures in place, I’m still happy to take your lead and suggestions and do whatever is necessary to put your fears aside when trying to transact business. Please call me with any questions at 304-437-9455. That line is also available for texting. Thank you so much!