Technology Evolution In The Automotive Industry

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Technology has always kept pace with the growth of the automotive industry, but it seems that within just the last few years that it has run wild with no plans on stopping.

For years we had incremental improvements come into play like cruise control and power windows and locks. Today we are not satisfied unless basics include navigation, Bluetooth, a tilt and slide moonroof, and power everything!!!
Today, drivers need a basic walkthrough and tutorial of all the new gadgetry before driving their new vehicles home.

This is where I come in.

I’m a professional automobile salesperson. What that means is that I have taken the time to get educated on all the new technologies and show my customers how to use them. This can sometimes be very fast and I can be done in 10-15 minutes before my customer leaves for home and sometimes up to an hour for those that haven’t upgraded for several years and have total culture shock! That’s exactly what it is for some people. Some don’t care about certain features, while others are hooked on learning the ins and outs of what they’ve purchased and want to show off to their friends and family!

I try to go over everything. I do demonstrations and set up pretend scenarios that show my customers how the new GPS system can be used in day to day situations and how to use their new safety systems like blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic alert.
bsm illustration

I try to educate all of my customers and help them to personalize their vehicles. If you have a feature on your car that you don’t know how to use, give me a call at


and I’ll schedule time to meet with you too!

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