Checklist To Remember When Trading In Your Car

car sunglass holder
After several years of dealing with customers who trade vehicles, I’ve noticed that there are certain things you can count on after the deal is done. One of those things would be the forgotten items call that typically follows the trade.

I’ve tried to form a good habit of reminding customers to check certain things to ensure that the trade is cleared of anything they may need or want later on and it’s a good resource to think of because often you can check the items off the list before visiting the dealership.

car cd player

In no particular order, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently forgotten items below:

1. sunglasses
2. garage door openers
3. CD’s (inside the player or clipped on the visor)
4. interstate travel passes (EZ Pass)
car E-Z pass
5. loose change
6. insurance information
7. emergency/first aid/tool kits
8. jumper cables
9. items under the seats and in rear seat pockets
10. cell phone chargers
11. portable gps systems
12. mp3 players
13. handicap placard
14. tow balls
15. vanity/airbrushed plates
handicap placard

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