My credit sucks! How can I improve my score?

road to good credit

Preface: I sell cars and I am not a licensed credit counselor, but I have lots of customers inquiring consistently as to how to increase their credit scores for vehicle loan applications. So, I am writing this article with the intent to introduce customers to an accredited source.

If you haven’t been in need of anything that would require financing in a while and then all of a sudden you find yourself in a position where things are different, you might be surprised to find out that your credit score isn’t exactly what you remember it to be or you might have never had much credit to speak of.


If that’s the case,  many states have their own programs to help you and some don’t, while all over the place there are companies wanting to offer to help you get out of your credit debt for a fee. It’s hard to know which ones to consider.

With that in mind, and not being a credit counselor myself, I have tried to find a resource to aid my customers and I hope that should you or someone you know has a positive experience and this information becomes useful, that you share your feedback with me.

credit bureaus

After an initial call to explain why I’d like to partner up, I felt at ease in recommending the National Foundation of Credit Counseling. You can learn more and sign up by going to the NFCC website by clicking here. If you call their number at (800)338-2227, you will be connected to a representative in your area that can help assist in the counseling and get you on the road to renewed credit viability.

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