Dr. Marcia Bastian

“Happy with Bert Wolfe Toyota and Will McCormick”

Dr. Marcia Bastian RAV4

Recently, my high mileage, 2007 RAV4 started showing some minor signs of wear. I mentioned to David Ramsey, my Bert Wolfe Toyota service guy, who is absolutely wonderful, that I was thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. Dave got me connected with William McCormick in the Toyota Sales Department. Will is low-key, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is not at all pushy. Will understood that I am direct, frank, and no-nonsense, especially when it comes to something like a major car purchase. He displayed the same qualities, which I appreciated. Will was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in every aspect of the sale. When I got my calculator out and started running numbers myself, he never tried to distract or confuse me; he simply waited patiently and quietly while I did my calculations. In addition, when I asked a couple of questions to which he didn’t know the answer, Will had no trouble saying he didn’t know and then went and got the answer. Will is a low-key, quiet, laid-back, secure, mature, gentleman who doesn’t play any games. I heartily encourage anyone who is shopping for a new car to talk with Will McCormick. It will be a pleasurable experience and time well-spent.