Timothy Barker

He was courteous, professional, pressure free, and efficient but completely at ease and in his element.”

Timothy Barker- FJ Cruiser

In the market for an FJ Cruiser and after hearing of a possible lead at Bert Wolfe, I contacted Willie McCormick who met me on the Saturday afternoon of March 28, 2015.

Knowing my own expectations regarding the quality of a used FJ and having done some pricing and online research, I was ready to make a purchase if the deal was right. After test driving what I thought was the only FJ on the lot I noticed the 2010 Sandstorm Trail Team Edition sitting by the used car garage.

Looking it over and taking it for a short spin, I was impressed with not only the substantially ruggedly built vehicle the FJ is with yet the ultimate feel and ride, but also the personal care of the previous owner. Needless to say the next day I was there for the purchase.

Willie knew I was coming and had placed the window trim over the new windshield and since it was a Sunday he was cleaning and preparing the FJ himself in the body shop. Impressive! Just a couple of hours later I was signing the paperwork and I have never been as pleased with any vehicle I’ve ever owned.

Everyone there from Drew in the finance department to the young mechanic who a few days later helped decipher the missing wheel lock key part number to order, to the parts department was incredibly helpful and all of them placed value in this customer and other customers I saw there as well. But I want to say Willie McCormick is the epitome of what every car salesman should be. He was courteous, professional, pressure free, and efficient but completely at ease and in his element.

After my mentioning a slight right pull in the front end and a vibration at 65 mph, he with my sister, even coordinated a front end alignment and all around wheel balancing when I took a trip out of the country. I returned to find my FJ with no shimmies or pulls and surprised and relieved that Willie had gone completely out of his way to correct any issues. I know Willie McCormick would be a great asset to any car dealership and I want to thank him and all the staff involved in the purchase of my FJ Cruiser. In my 40 years of driving, I have never enjoyed driving so much as I do now so a special thanks is in order to Bert Wolfe Toyota and your excellency in business, sales, and service.

I sincerely thank you,

Timothy J Barker